About Aireville School

Our main aim at Aireville is to ensure that every child, no matter what their interests and abilities are, is given the tools and the motivation to achieve success. Success is achieved by carefully matching challenging teaching to each child’s abilities and interests through engaging them with stimulating learning activities. Students leave the school set fair to do well in further education, employment or training; we are still in touch with many who have succeeded in their chosen area.

The school features a wide variety of educational facilities, from science labs, to computers and video rooms, to state-of-the art classrooms. The school teachers come from a diverse background, with a considerably high admissions standards. The school provides basic elementary education for students under 13 years of age, as well as a secondary school section for students aged 15-17 either studying the GCSE, IGCSE or BTEC programs.

By working together, we create a strong foundation from which every student can go on to achieve personal success.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on questions@airevilleschool.co.uk

Great Education

Aireville provides the best education possible for all students. We care for every single student of ours, in a way which makes everyone feels unique. We believe that such education is the key to the success of society and community.

Highest Results

Our passing rates were among the highest in the our locality. Almost 80% of the students had a pass rate with grades in the IGCSEs and A Levels. For more info on the integrated help for A Levels refer to examsolutions.net and gceworld.com

IGCSE World Integration

At our school, we integrate the world-renown IGCSE World. platform in the teaching process. This firmly provides our secondary school students with past papers, resources and more for students to excel in their studies. For more information, please visit IGCSE World website.